Sewa kantor dan coworking space di Surabaya dan Jakarta dengan lokasi strategis demi pengalaman terbaik untuk perusahaan atau bisnis Anda

Coworking Space & Office Rent Solutions For Your Business

Sewa kantor dan coworking space untuk perusahaan atau bisnis Anda dengan pengalaman terbaik


Banyak hal-hal yang perlu dipertimbangkan sebelum sewa kantor tradisional atau coworking space, simak perbandingan berikut sebagai gambaran kelebihan coworking space untuk Anda


Punya permintaan khusus?


Pengalaman sewa kantor dan coworking space dari partner-partner kami menjadi hal mendasar yang terus kami evaluasi untuk tetap konsisten menyediakan coworking space terbaik untuk semua kalangan

Jefika Linda Gunawan

Altha Consulting

As a consultant, it is advantageous to use a coworking space because it's efficient and there's no need to worry about other office costs. At MyCo, they offer various excellent facilities, comfortable and spacious rooms. The restroom is clean, and they provide a prayer room (musholla) for fellow Muslims to pray. Since the beginning of our stay, the staff has been very helpful and friendly, demonstrating a great work ethic.

Lilian Windy Mariana


The strategic location is easily accessible compared to other coworking spaces. The space is comfortable and private. The staff services are excellent, and they serve high-quality drinks from the café.

Dewi Sarrah


The staff is informative with a friendly attitude. The services are excellent. The Hot Desk area is clean, with great food and drinks from the café. I will definitely recommend it to a friend.

Rizky Yulius


A good place with good food and nice service. I ordered an americano and lychee tea, both of which were of good quality. The staff is helpful, and the place is clean and comfortable.


Live To Learn

Working at MyCo Coworking Space feels more practical and efficient. The services provided are highly informative and communicative, which greatly contribute to enhancing productivity. The facilities offered are of good quality, the cleanliness is well-maintained, and the environment is comfortable. The rooms are equipped with comprehensive amenities that support a conducive working environment.

Adinda Nurina Sari

PR Institute

MyCo Coworking Space can help and provide opportunities to establish relationships with other parties. MyCo prioritizes client comfort and offers friendly and informative services, supported by cleanliness and excellent facilities.


Nirankara Law Firm

MyCo offers the advantages of coworking, which include a high level of flexibility, comfort, and security as networking resources. It provides excellent and prompt services, supported by cleanliness and outstanding facilities.


Klik A2C

Working in a coworking space has become simpler and more practical. The service provided by the staff is also excellent, without any issues, and the facilities and cleanliness are of high quality.